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What's In A Name?

Let us tell you a little story.

Epic Brownies started as a venture into the unknown. Started by Pam during lockdown in August 2020 after being told time and time again that she should be selling her brownies. 

Nobody knew who we were or... what we were doin'.

We did have an original fan, however. Pam's sister Sital. While trying to think of a name for the "business" we remembered the eloquent feedback Sital bestowed upon us:

"Pam! These brownies are EPIC!!!...ic...ic...ic...ic!"

(There was an echo, you see)

As time was short in setting things up before we got cold feet we got cracking with the branding and launch.

Epic Brownies was born!

Now, we were fully aware that Epic Brownies wasn't the most refined name we could've come up with. There were murmurs of changing it "at some point" to try to better reflect the kind of business we wanted to be viewed as.

'Upper class, Darling! Real posh nosh. Drink your tea with your pinky pointing out type stuff.'

*The picture here was the first time we thought we'd nailed a photo of our brownies. Circa 2021. Oh how far we've come!*

We could've gone with 'Wispy Willows', 'Stormont and Redmond' or some other hoity-toity, meaningless name but Epic Brownies did the job at least for the time being. Things can always be changed. Like Rocky said:

"If I can change... and you can change. Epic Brownies can change!"

Salted Caramel Brownies Top

However, we had some devastating news in August 2021. Sital had passed away suddenly at the age of 28.

We were completely heartbroken. Unsure at the time how we would carry on with things.

Once we had started to come to terms with what had happened the usual worries of imposter syndrome, money and running a business gave way to perspective. The lesson being to enjoy what you do and for us to honour Sital's memory in what we do every day.

She named us. She was EPIC herself! She would always want us to continue to bring happiness to others.

We dove head first back into things. Always with Sital in our hearts. If she couldn't be with us physically, she'd be with us in spirit, dammit!

We pushed on, ever more determined to show just how great brownies can be. Proper 80's montage style!

We've achieved much in the last 2 years since Sital passed. We've had major highs and crushing lows but we're still here, ploughing away. It's what Sital would expect... nay, demand!


This blurb isn't about trying to gain sympathy or showing how "brave" we are to keep on keeping on. It's what we all do when tragedy strikes, right?

This this about paying a small tribute to a truly special woman who was taken far too soon.

It's to say our name seems kinda unimaginative but you know what? It means something to us and that's all that matters.

Sital Bharaj

16 Sep 1992 - 31 Aug 2021

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