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The Loch and The Tyne

Crimp Hill? Ahhh, I once knew a guy that worked on Crimp Hill.

Not a day passes I don't think of him and the promise that I made which I will always fulfil...

That one perfect day on Crimp Hill.

It was Josh... or maybe it was Johnny. I forget.


What I do remember is that we hit it off rather nicely when we first met the guys from The Loch and The Tyne at the Muddy Stiletto Awards.

Was it the champagne? Probably.

Anyway, we got to talking about things one day when Josh asked "What do you do with your brownie trimmings?" We stared blankly for a moment. We'd always thought we should be doing something with our spare ends rather than them going to waste but we hadn't had the time or bright ideas to develop anything. Enter Chef Johnny and Chef Stevie, our dashing heroes! There's a saying that 'Limitations breed creativity'.

With the blessing from Michelin-Starred Chef Adam Handling, Chefs Johnny and Stevie suggested taking our trimmings, giving them the star treatment and creating something for their guests to enjoy at the end of their tasting menu. The result was sublime! Brownie Truffles served on a bed of cacao nibs alongside The Loch and The Tyne's beautiful fruit jellies. A stunning combination of tart fruit and rich brownie in bite-size form. The perfect end to a meal.


No Waste? No Problem!

This solution scratched an itch for both Epic Brownies and The Loch and The Tyne. You see, these culinary geniuses in Old Windsor work with the mantra: No waste. They use EVERYTHING they possibly can from their ingredients. It's pretty astounding to witness. The idea to take what we were discarding and turn it into something else was inspired!

Thinking outside the box? These guys would end up willing the box into existence and USING it for fear of the box going to waste, they're that committed to the idea!

We at Epic Brownies have also been environmentally conscious from day one, using completely recyclable or compostable packaging for all of our products and we are always looking at ways to improve. Speaking of which, we now take any spare boxes and recyclable filling the The Loch and The Tyne have and use it ourselves to send our brownies out to our wonderful customers. Recycling in it's purest form! Testify, brother!

Do yourselves a favour if you haven't already and book a table at The Loch and The Tyne. The food, service and setting is absolutely spot on.

They've also just won the Michelin Bib Gourmand Award 2024 due to their outstanding value for money so no excuses!

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