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EPIC Protein brownies

Our R&D department (Pam) have been at it again and they've outdone themselves this time! Rich dark chocolate brownies with swirls of smooth peanut butter, topped with dark chocolate and salted peanuts. Perfect for a post-workout treat. You've earned it!


Why is it that most treats touted as "healthy" always have some major drawback? Low or no-fat usually means high sugar. No sugar usually means high fat content or artificial sweeteners that give you a gurgly tummy... or worse! (you know what we're talking about)

Not on our watch. These could well be a game changer!

Just £30 for a box of 9 EPIC Protein Brownies!

Or contact us via social media to order

Protein Brownies Stack 1.jpg


We know, right! How can we cram so much protein into each one? That would be telling. Rest assured that this is all good stuff: Whey Protein, Eggs, Unsweetened Peanut Butter. All powerhouses in the protein department!

Protein Brownies Stack 1.jpg
Protein Brownies Hand.jpg


We've done everything we can to reduce the refined sugars in our EPIC Protein Brownies. Each brownie only contains just over 4 grams of refined sugar, less than 5% of your daily recommended intake. The other sweetness comes from Agave Nectar (GI rating: 17) and Organic Coconut Sugar (GI rating: 54) which means no big sugar spikes.

No spike = no crash!

Protein Brownies Stack 1.jpg


As with most of our brownie offerings, our EPIC Protein Brownies are gluten free but are also GRAIN FREE! Being grain free can help reduce inflammation that is associated with eating grains.

No pain, no GRAINS!

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