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Epic Brownies grew out of our love for pimped up brownies! The idea has always been to create brownies with a more grown up flavour profile and make the best brownies anyone has ever tasted!

Our Story

Pam spent two years perfecting her brownie recipe. She tried all manner of ingredients and ratios, compositions and consistencies. She experimented with baking times, cooling times and curing times. Determined to create the BEST brownies in the world!


She travelled to seek council with a Tibetan monk and once meditated for 36 hours straight to try to unlock the secrets of a great brownie. Eventually, she achieved brownie enlightenment and what you are (hopefully) about to order is a result of all of these things coming together as one.*

We use only the best ingredients we can find: Locally Sourced Free Range Eggs (from around the corner in Dorney), Fairtrade Chocolate, Cocoa and Fairtrade Sugar. Why use anything less than the best and  do your part too?

*Disclaimer - Some of this story may be fabricated. Notably the second paragraph.

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