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Whether you have a birthday, christening, wedding, anniversary or... divorce party(?), we've got an Epic Brownie Cake for you!

All brownie cakes are made to order and can be tailored to suit your needs, wants or inner-most desires!

Do you have a celebration coming up soon but you're fed up with dull sponge cakes or flavourless flamboyant show-stoppers?

What to do?

Epic Brownies are here to the rescue with the


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Any Epic Flavour you like!

We can make you an Epic Brownie Cake with any of our brownie flavours! You can even have two DIFFERENT flavour brownie layers if you wish!

Salted Caramel on top, Oreo on the bottom???

I should coco!

Chocolate Heaven Brownie Cake.jpg
Epic Brownie Cake for tenth birthday

Hundreds Of Customisation Options!

We can decorate your Brownie Cake with a whole host of goodies including: Fresh Fruit and Berries, Macaroons, Wafer Curls, Meringues, Edible Flowers, Chocolates and Sweets.

Basically whatever you like!

We asked our eggheads in the lab just how many combinations there are and after extensive research they said...

"A lot!"

Enough to go around... and then some!

Epic Brownie Cakes come in two sizes:

30 x 20cm for 30-35 servings


40 x 30cm for 60-70 servings

Plenty for everyone!

Numaan 30th_2.jpg
Michael 30th.JPG
Yousef 7th.jpg
5 Today_2.jpg

Or contact us via social media to order

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